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The accounting profession has changed significantly over the last decade. In adapting to these changes, we have developed a variety of professional services to offer to our clients. We consider ourselves as business and financial counselors and planners, as well as traditional accountants whose primary focus has been on compliance. Many of our clients have demanded this approach and we have responded in a manner that surpasses expectations. The GRP management team has significant experience serving business, government, not-for-profit and individuals in the southwest and can provide the best solution to your needs.

Government Auditing
The governmental industry has seen many changes recently related to financial presentation, as well as new auditing requirements. GRP has been on the forefront of implementing the latest audit pronouncements, and we are always available to assist our clients in understanding and implementing new government accounting requirements. Our partners and staff have significant experience in auditing many forms of local governmental entities. In addition, we have extensive experience, and are particularly familiar, with the compliance requirements of the following standards/agencies:
Not-for-Profit Auditing
The Not-for-Profit sector encompasses many very diverse industries which share the challenges of reporting to a board made up of volunteers, as well as a number of oversight agencies.  GRP is particularly well suited to assisting management in bridging the gap between the day to day operations and the specific reporting requirements that are dictated by the various funding agencies.  In addition to the audit requirements, Not-for-Profit entities must also file the IRS Form 990 ( Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax).  This IRS filing has recently changed and has become extremely more involved than before, and GRP personnel are trained and ready to help your organization satisfy this reporting requirement.
Business Services
GRP's involvement with a business client frequently begins with the basic function of any accounting firm - the examination of financial statements for the purpose of expressing an opinion on the client's financial position and results of operations. The attest function is the cornerstone of the accounting profession and GRP prides itself in being at the leading edge of auditing technology. We emphasize developing innovative approaches to the audit and customized procedures for each client in order to provide auditing services that are both effective and cost-efficient.  While we serve clients in many industries, over the years we have gained significant experience in the following areas:
Tax Planning and Compliance
Taxation is a highly specialized area within GRP, including consulting for income, estate, gift, excise, sales, and franchise taxes at both the Federal, state and international levels. Some of the tax-related services we offer include: