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Our Professionals = Our Success
Quality people are essential for a quality firm and GRP has always prided itself in hiring the best people available. Our professional staff is primarily composed of top graduates from Texas and New Mexico schools who share our love of the Southwest. While a college degree is a minimum requirement, we view this as a license to learn. In addition to the extensive on-the-job training, we provide a minimum of 40 hours of continuing professional education to each professional member of our staff. Continuous professional growth is a requirement in our profession. However, we believe that technical knowledge alone is not enough to succeed. We expect each member of GRP to be a contributing part of the local community. We pride ourselves on having employees that are active in the community, and afford them the time to actively participate in civic and charitable organizations. GRPs involvement in the community has included the arts, health and human services, charitable, religious, educational and other organizations.